The Origin

The SQOOM concept was created by Schick-Medical in Germany. Watch the video and get to know more about this innovative concept

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The Concept

SQOOM is an innovative anti-aging treatment system, with high and easy-to-use technology. SQOOM is a scientifically proven and innovative method to effectively improve the skin structure and unwrinkle the skin.

Invasive treatments are traumatic, expensive and in most cases, ineffective since they do not act on the regeneration and vitalization of the skin. On the other side, simply rubbling cosmetics will only act on the very superficial layers of the skin.

Early skin aging and the formation of lines and wrinkles is of course mainly induced by genetic factors. Environmental conditions or behaviour aspects, like smoking or stress can also deteriorate your skin at an early stage. 
However, there is another important factor influencing the aging process of your skin: The continuous degradation of hyaluronic acid inside the skin.

Hyaluronic acid is the skin's moisture deposit. It stabilises the elastic and collagenic fibres and protects the cells from free radicals. If the water storage capacity of your skin decreases, wrinkles and lines are certain to form. Therefore, provide your skin with hyaluronic acid - and provide to the deeper skin layers. This will fill the moisture deposit, stabilise the elastic and collagenic fibres and thus bolster up and eliminate wrinkles and lines.


The SQOOM transducer produces a million gentle vibrations per second. These vibrations also penetrate the deeper skin and tissue layers and form the collagen which is responsible for the skin's elasticity. Wrinkles are mainly induced by a lack of collagen and hyaluronic acid. At the age of 40+, the skin e.g. maintains only around 60% of its initial hyaluronic acid content; and only 10-20% at the age of 60+. The highly complex effect of SQOOM consists in the combination with very innovative biomolecule preparations from thermical, mechanical and physicochemical components.


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