• 1969 - First launch of Creme 21
    Creme 21 was first available in selected test markets in southern Germany. With an estimated market share of 20 % in the first year, Creme 21 had shown a stunning performance for a newcomer!

  • 1970 – Creme 21 keeps your skin young
    Creme 21 introduced the slogan “Creme 21 - hält die Haut jung”, which basically means “Creme 21 – keeps your skin young” nationwide. It was the first advertising campaign based on showing bare skin in Germany!

  • 1971 - Creme 21 becomes cult
    Creme 21’s offensive marketing strategy showed results: More and more customers followed the call and changed to Creme 21.

  • 1973 - Innovative with foam cream
    Creme 21 extended its product range and launched its new “foam cream”. This type of aerosol foam was completely new to the market and proved Creme 21’s innovative power and modernity once again.

  • 1974 - Creme 21 mit ausgezeichneter Werbung
    Creme 21 was advanced with a new moisturizing agent that not only hydrated the skin but also helped it store moisture better. This was also the year, Creme 21 successfully placed its legendary and unforgettable “cream-dab campaign”. This advertising campaign won several renowned advertising prizes, e.g. first prize as the best print and TV campaign in Germany, and it even won a prize in an international competition in the U.S. as "Best Non-U.S. Campaign”! Both prizes were awarded by the “Art Directors Club".

    The anticipated effects of Creme 21 advertising were stunning. Within two months market shares rose from 8.7 to 18 %!

  • 1977 - Cream and more
    Creme 21 extends the product range once again: Creme 21 introduces its first bar soap in the typical brand colors – orange and white. The new slogan “Creme 21. Nimmt die Haut in Schutz” means „Creme 21. Protects your skin“.

  • 1978 – Creme 21 Hautregulant
    The success story continues: Creme 21 introduces a new product called “Hautregulant” – a product especially formulated to help control and regulate the moisturizing system of the skin.

  • 1983 – Creme 21 – completely international!
    Creme 21 started its last relaunch with completely redesigned product packaging. Nevertheless, for strategic reasons, Henkel chose to thin out its brand portfolio in Germany. So, in 1986, Creme 21 vanished from the German market. Since then Creme 21 has only been sold in selected foreign countries.

  • 2003 – Creme 21 –relaunched!
    Creme 21 GmbH bought the brand from Henkel Germany. Since then, Creme 21 GmbH expanded even more by entering new powerful markets

  • 2004-2008 – International Expansion
    Creme 21 becomes a known brand in Eastern Europe, Middle East and Asia

  • 2009 -  Shower gels
    Creme 21 extends its line to shower gels

  • 2010 – Supreme Body Lotions
    Creme 21 launches its premium body lotions line

  • 2011-2012 – Creme 21 in Brazil
    Creme 21 enters the Brazilian market in partnership with Topskin

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